Artist Statement


My work is an expression of how I view the world. Small glimpses captured on film and forever documented in how they existed in that present time. Preserving a little piece of history through my lens, I work with film cameras, old and new, to photograph places and details that move me. Through my work, I let the past continue to live on and evoke emotions in the viewer.

In my desire to preserve these memories even more, I use encaustic wax to preserve my photographs and other found items. Encaustic wax medium is an old form of painting and preserving and I use it to fuse together my realistic view of the world and parts of my imagination. I layer and distort the wax to bring texture, depth and feeling to my photographs and art. My desire is to take something that is flat and breathe life back into it through texture. 

Just like life, my work is messy, imperfect and sometimes distorted, foggy and unclear, but that is what makes it real.