About Kayla Barker


Kayla Barker is an award-winning and published film photographer based in Midland, Texas that travels around the world for her commissioned work. Kayla uses film cameras, old and new, that range from $40 to
$4,000 as her medium to photograph places and details that inspire her. Kayla especially loves the
nostalgic look of film for her work. 

Her fine art film photography is available for purchase as wax infused photographs which are encapsulated with a mixture of hot beeswax and tree sap and enhanced with oil paint. This process, known as encaustic, is one of the oldest forms of painting. Kayla uses encaustic to fuse together her realistic view of the world and parts of her imagination. She layers and distorts the wax to bring texture, depth and feeling to her photographs and art.

Small glimpses captured on film and forever documented in how they existed at that time, Kayla’s artwork is an expression of how she views the world. Through her work, she lets the past continue to live on and evoke emotions in the present.